Keyword Stuffing in SEO and Why it is Bad

Keywords are the words which are used by search engine algorithms to find out which web pages are related to the topic that has been searched. In the early days of Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) practices, people realized that by using a large number of popular keywords on a website would increase the number of times it appears on the first page of the search list. This knowledge was abused by many people to improve the online traffic that their websites see. The practice of overusing a particular set of keywords, weather they are related to the content that a website offers or not, is called “keyword stuffing”.

Does it work?

For a while, yes. But it is considered to be unethical to use keyword stuffing to improve the ranking of a website. Most major search engines like Google and Yahoo! are constantly changing their algorithms to better identify the websites that are using this technique to generate online traffic. Websites can get banned temporarily or permanently depending upon the severity of the problem. Either way, this practice is very detrimental to the long term reputation of your company.

Methods of keyword stuffing

The objective of this practice is to use a set of keywords as many times as possible on a web page. Instead of blatantly overusing certain words in the content, it is possible to make them invisible, by changing the color of the text to make it merge with the background. Alternatively, keywords can be hidden beneath an image, can be repeatedly used in hidden meta tags or the size of the text can be minimized.

The consequences of Keyword stuffing

Using keyword stuffing as a part of your search engine optimization strategy can have many negative consequences on your company’s reputation. Users of websites which have employed keyword stuffing generally experience badly constructed content, direction towards unrelated content and other such poor services.

It is due to this reason that popular search engines are improving their algorithms to give more relevant websites, while at the same time checking if the usage of keywords are reasonable. ensures that they use only legitimate techniques to make a website more visible to the existing online traffic. It is best to hire such professionals who would be better able to judge if the usage of keywords are justified and necessary.

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